About us

Everyone has different story, same as coffee. Story Coffee Roasters established in 2013 from the simple passion pursuing the best coffee.

The same year, we entered the New Zealand Best Coffee awards competition with 5 of 5 awards with all entries.

Time goes by, we now have total 26 New Zealand and international coffee awards within only 6 years. 

What make our coffee delicious?

All our coffee has been carefully sourced from farms and cooperatives throughout the world with strict cupping standard. We then roast the coffee with our own special technique to unlock the terroir flavours and month-feel. By maximising the aromatic molecule, now, you will have a delicious coffee with longer shelf life. 

Every coffee has the story belong to it.  From the journey it ripened with local terroir to culturally developed process method, it creates the most unique flavour for each single coffee.

As everyone grows up with different background and story, everyone should have different story in coffee. How do you find the best specialty coffee for you? Let us start the prologue of specialty for you.



We believe we supply and serve the best coffee as we love and enjoy everyday. From Organic coffee to the specialty coffee, we wish we can help you find your own story with coffee. 

Flick us an email to create your own story. 


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